Diabetes puts you at higher risk for cracked heels, blisters, and ulcers. How can you care for your feet with Ellgy Plus D Factor if you have diabetes?

If you have diabetes you may encounter problems with your feet and legs, which are the two common complications of the disease. This happens because high blood sugar levels cause dry skin and even nerve damage, which leads to diabetic neuropathy, a condition in which you lose feeling in your feet or your hands (1). Any pressure, wounds, and irritation will then go unnoticed and become worse over time. So, how do you keep your feet protected if you have diabetes?

Check Your Feet Daily

The first thing you need to incorporate into your daily routine is a foot check. Check your feet every day for cuts and irritations, or any bruises and swelling. This may sound natural to you but nerve damage from diabetes causes numbness to your feet, causing you to miss out on any changes to the skin of your feet and heels. The faster you spot something, the faster you can treat it!

Wear The Right Shoes

We can’t say this enough: invest in a few pairs of good shoes! Poorly fitting shoes in unbreathable material like polyester or leather should be avoided for better foot health. If you have diabetes, you may also want to stop walking barefoot anywhere outside your home from now on (2). You may never know what you might step on! Other than that, always wear socks when you are wearing covered shoes to prevent irritation and exposure to unfavorable materials.

Pay Attention to Blood Flow

With diabetes, it may take some time to get used to neuropathy (2). Give your feet regular massaging after a long day of walking or physical activities. This is also a good time to apply your Ellgy Plus D Factor! Keeping healthy is important but you may have to switch to light exercises to prevent pressure on your feet. Swimming and tai chi are two great options to try out!

Keep Your Feet Moisturized

Another risk factor from damaged nerves caused by diabetes is also dry heels. This is caused by your nerves inability to perform involuntary actions such as sweating, which produces sebum that softens the skin. Overcome this by using mild soaps and avoiding long hot showers as well as drinking enough water (3). Don’t forget to also apply Ellgy Plus D Factor 2 to 3 times a day to keep your heels moisturized!

Pay Attention to Foot Hygiene

This is of course a no brainer, but may be something you overlooked before this. Some tips we have for you is to dry your feet properly before putting on shoes (don’t go in right after a shower!). When you return home, clean and wash your feet thoroughly. Do this before you sleep as well, and you can apply Ellgy Plus D Factor after each cleaning for extra moisture!

We hope these tips help! Diabetes is difficult to live with, but Ellgy Plus is here to help you with the best solution for your heels problem. You don’t have to live with pain on your feet every day. With Ellgy Plus, you can now pamper yourself with smooth heels.


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